Bump Diaries | 13 weeks 3/22/17

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Everything looks better in the daylight. I had to soften. Look at the entire experience as a whole. I haven’t physically exhausted myself in an environment like this since my days as a camp counselor, possibly not ever as much as this trip. However, we are always capable of more than we think we are.

The hill leading into town.

Daily we walk a 20-30 min hill so steep a 2WD won’t even make it. We eat mostly vegan, some fish, and all water (with the exception of an occasional fruit drink for dinner or a cold beverage we treat ourselves to from the Mini Super at the bottom of the hill).

Libations at the Mini Super.

Baby reminds me he’s still here with a few bouts of nausea. Today was baby Chip’s first time surfing! We caught a few waves, longboard of course, but it counts! Surfed Sawmill, just north of Pavones. It was perfect.

Harley, our local surf guide, and the gang.

We’ve seen wild parrots, monkeys, iguanas, and some beautiful butterflies and birds. Scenery is so lush. Real, raw jungle. Took a hike down an uncharted river into town two days ago. Never seen anything like it.

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