Bump Diaries | 12 weeks 3/19/17

Baby Chip is the size of a clementine. 

Our private accommodation.

Finally met our destination in Costa about 8 p.m. After my episode on the airplane (I passed out for a few seconds), boarding another hour flight on Sansa Airlines to Golfito, then an hour drive to the Yoga Farm in Punta Banco, I was drained. We were late to dinner, but they saved us a plate – a generous one. Everyone’s so chill here.

Jesus’s transportation.

Not gonna like, I didn’t handle the first night well. Frogs, cockroaches, no fans, no window screens… I did manage to find a mosquito net for our bunk bed. Our bunk is on the east side of the main house, nearly no breeze. I literally told Louie I don’t know if I can do this for a week it’s so hot. Facilities are outside. You walk uphill ten minutes just to get to the kitchen. He loves it! For me, culture shock.

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