Bump Diaries | 10 weeks 2/27/17

Little Chip is a kumquat today, measuring 1″ and developing organs. He has eyelids and working on growing his limbs.

Things are starting to look up. Tomorrow is our first appointment. I think this will solidify things.

I got pretty upset with Louie the other night after he refused to talk about the sex of the baby. He’s so cut and dry. He said only I know what the baby feels like and there’s no reason to prefer one or the other and set yourself up for something you have no control over. I realized he may want a boy to carry on his name and he’s afraid I may want something different. To be honest, I’m leaning towards his name anyway. I don’t have any others in mind, except my cousin’s name Blake which I’ve always liked. Still nothing outweighs the magnitude his own name carries, not yet anyway. Besides, I’m feeling more like it could be a girl. We’ll know week 18-22.

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