Unleash the Beast!

I hired my first life coach in 2014. It was the best decision I made that year.

At a time in my life when I was experiencing extreme burnout at work and frustration in an overly angry population, Asha was my personal advocate for self-care. One of my fav takeaways as her client, was not to practice yoga (or any physical activity) during menstruation and on/during

OBEO + Blueline Surf & Paddle Co.

the New Moon or Full Moon. There’s a whole science behind it (ask Siri). All life forms mirror the cycles of the moon: birth, life, death, rebirth. What is seemingly a period of lull inactivity is just as necessary as more energetic fiery phases. These phases are permission from the universe to stop doing and go with the flow.

My life coach literally changed my life. 

I stopped working with Asha a year ago this summer. Since then I’ve faithfully continued the inner work, but secretly hoped for another to come alongside as a guide on this roller coaster of self evolution… meet Madeline!

Madeline Eve Pregulman, Health & Lifestyle Coach

We meet once a week to discus simple doable steps to manifest the life I want.

Wrapping up week (1) here are a few milestones:

  • Kicked my a.m. sugary coffee habit to  the curb!
  • Obtained more mental clarity and stamina at work.
  • Personal accountability and reason to stay dedicated to my at-home yoga practice.
  • Loss of cravings for fast foods that provide little/ no nutritional value.

Personal health is an investment not an expense. I’m living proof that doing the work works! With a life coach I saw vision boards come to fruition, a ten year career move towards a direction more inline with who I am, and closed-mined relationships replaced with healthy expansive connections. I can’t  stress it enough. Look into hiring a life coach if you, like me, crave moving past limiting self beliefs into a more expansive version of yourself. It’s time to unleash the beast (or at least try it once!) – Valerie

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